Region Östergötland

Presentation of research

We have several ongoing research project at our department Occupational and Environmental medicine, Linköpings University Hospital, Region Östergötland, Sweden. The following research projects are in focus in the area of workers health, ergonomics and, interventions at the workplace:

  • Occupational pain and work load among blue collar workers - fork lift truck operators
  • Patients and workers safety in health care, including prevalence of injuries.
  • Stressprevention among employees in schools and in health care
  • Work Environment and Health among employees in dental organization
  • Workplace interventions for Musculoskeletal conditions at the workplace (collaboration with Coventry Universtiy)
  • Communication using social media


International and national Conferences


Every year we attend different national and international conferences sharing our research and learning from others. The conferences that we attent are presented below.

Presentations at WCPT 2019

During 2019 we will attended the World Congress of Physiotherapy, WCPT. Read more about the Conference:  WCPT 2019

You can follow the conference on twitter using: #WCPT2019 #GlobalPT #Ergonomics  My twitter profile is: @CSWahlin The subgroup of Occupational Health and Ergonomics have the Twitter profile: @wcptOHE and WCPT have @WCPT1951 

As a researcher, ergonomist and physiotherapist I will presented two abstracts and I am a co-author on one additional abstract. You can download the flyers here:

  1. Wåhlin C, Lum M, Burnett G, Ruotsalainen J. Creating a blog for disseminating knowledge on occupational safety and health (OSH) and ergonomics.

  2. Wåhlin C, Lindmark U, Johnston V, Wagman P, Rolander B. Organizational aspects in relation to work load and health among dental employees.

  3. Skagmaki G, King A, Duncan M, Wåhlin C. Workplaceinterventions for the management of chronic musculoskeletal disorders: A systematic review.


National Swedish conference on occupational and environmental health.

During 2018 I attended the national occupational and environmental conference that we arranged in Linköping: "Arbets- och miljömedicinskt vårmöte 25-27 april 2018" #AMM2018 #AMMvårmöte We were pleased that over 450 people attended the conference.


IEA 2018

In august I will attend the 20th Congress of International Ergonomics. It will take place in Florence, Italy. Read more about the conferense here: #IEA2018

I will have an presentaion on our study at the conference:

"Measurements of movements and neck/shoulder pain among forklift truck operators"

by Wåhlin Charlotte, PhD; Farhad Abtahi PhD; Forsman Mikael PhD; Ghafouri Bijar, PhD; Borgström Dennis, MSc; Rolander Bo, PhD.




You can follow the conference on twitter using: #IEA2018 #IEAFlorence2018 #Ergonomics #HumanFactors My twitter profile is: @CSWahlin

Presentations at WCPT 2017

During 2017 we attended the World Congress of Physiotherapy, WCPT 2017. Read more about the Conference:  WCPT 2017

The conference hashtag was #WCPT2017

As a researcher, ergonomist and physiotherapist I presented two abstracts, one oral presentation and one poster presentation.  

  1. Wåhlin C, Öhrn A, Kvarnström S, Nilsing Stridh E. Occupational injuries among Swedish health care workers – learning from incident reporting.
  2. Wåhlin C, Ghafouri B, Stigmar K, Nyqvist F, Rolander B. Occupational neck pain among blue collar workers. Prevalence, work load and adjustments at work – Useful knowledge when tailoring interventions. 

Other abstracts that we presented at #WCPT2017 were:

  1. Nilsing Strid E, Öhrn A, Kvarnström S, Wåhlin C. A physiotherapy perspective to patient injuries. Learning from incident reporting
  2. Stigmar K, Wåhlin C. Let´s ask about work! How to integrate the concept of work ability in physical therapy practice.
  3. Merolli M, Busuttil M-L, Wåhlin C, Green A.  #GlobalPT: An investigation of globally connected physical therapists using twitter.
  4. Skagmaki G, King A, Duncan M, Wåhlin C. A literature review on United Kingdom reports, policies and recommendations to manage musculoskeletal conditions at workplace.



If you woulld like to find out more about our research projects you are more than welcome to contact:

Charlotte Wåhlin, Associate professor, PhD Ergonomist/RPT

Department of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Linköping University Hospital

Region Östergötland, 581 85 Linköping, Sweden

Phone: +46 10-103 62 67 Mobile: +46 72-239 66 40

Twitter: @CSWahlin


Associated researcher at:
Unit of Intervention and Implementation Research
Institute for Environmental Medicine
Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden