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Emergo Train System®

Emergo Train System® (ETS) is a pedagogical simulation tool for exercise/education in Disaster Medicine. Emergo Train System® is owned by the Region Östergötland and administered by the Centre for Teaching and Research in Disaster Medicine & Traumatology (KMC).

Emergo Train System® derives from the need of a new tool, for education within disaster medicine. It proved to be a useful tool and is today used by certified ETS Senior instructors in over 40 countries. There are over 2 400 ETS Senior instructors. There are 14 ETS faculties in Sweden, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Italy, Finland, Greece, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Korea, Australia and New Zealand who conduct national ETS Senior instructor courses. International Senior instructor courses (course language English) is held by KMC twice a year.

New ETS training material is being developed continuously. Some examples of last completed and ongoing development projects:

  • new version 4 of ETS training material: pre-hospital, hospital, trauma victim bank, in-hospital patient banks for ED, Surgery and ICU + Trigger victimbank. Released September 2018
  • new version 4 of ETS psychosocial support training set (released in Swedish November 2018)
  • new version 4 figurant cards (released November 2018)
  • new version 4 of ETS burn victim bank (released February 2019)
  • new penetrating trauma victim bank (released April 2020)
  • new bomb/blast trauma victim bank (released July 2020)
  • new pediatric trauma victim bank (released October 2020)
  • development/revision of decontamination at Hospital set
  • development of pediatric in-hospital patient bank 
  • development of children survivors for the psychosocial support survivorbank


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