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Fixation Differences in Visual Search of Accident Scenes by Novices and Expert Emergency Responders. Prytz, E. G., Norén, C., & Jonson, C.-O. (2018). Human Factors: The Journal of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, 001872081878814.

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Hospital Workload for Weapon-Wounded Females Treated by the International Committee of the Red Cross: More Work Needed than for Males
Andersson P, Muhrbeck M, Veen H, Osman Z, von Schreeb J.
World J Surg, 2017 Aug 9

Framtidens skadeplats - Intervjuer med landstingens beredskapssamordnare
Bengtsson, K., Jonson C.O & Prytz, E. 
CARER rapport 2016:19, Linköping University Press, Sweden 2016

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Visuell uppmärksamhet vid skadeplatser: en jämförelsestudie mellan experter och noviser
(masteruppsats) Norén, C. (Masterstudent). Jonson, CO (bi-handledare). Prytz, E. (Huvudhandledare). DiVa Open Access 2016. Linköpings Universitet.

Preliminary Validation Results of DigEmergo for Surge Capacity Management
Rybing, J, Prytz, E., Larsson, J, & Jonson, C.-O. (2016).  The 13th International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, May 22-25, 2016.

An exploratory study of a low-level shared awareness measure using mission-critical locations during an emergency exercise
Erik Prytz, Jonas Rybing, Carl-Oscar Jonson, Albin Petterson,
Peter Berggren, Björn Johansson. Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting September 2015 vol. 59  no. 1  1152-1156

Improved and sustained triage skills in firemen after a short training intervention
Abraham Nilsson, Kristian Åslund, Maria Lampi, Helene Nilsson and Carl-Oscar Jonson. Scandinavian Journal of Trauma, Resuscitation and Emergency Medicine 2015, 23:81  doi:10.1186/s13049-015-0162-7

Exploring prehospital C2-work during a mass gathering event 
Erik G. Prytz · Jonas Rybing · Eric Carlström · Amir Khorram-Manesh · Carl-Oscar Jonson IJES 10/2015; 4(2):227-241. DOI:10.1108

Studying distributed cognition of simulation-based team training with DiCoT  Jonas Rybing · Heléne Nilsson · Carl-Oscar Jonson · Magnus Bang
Ergonomics 08/2015; DOI:10.1080/00140139.2015.1074290

Evaluation of a Novel Method to Study Inter-Organizational Coordination in Medical Command and Control Centers(konferensbidrag) Erik Prytz · Jonas Rybing
19th World congress on disaster and emergency medicine; 04/2015

Preliminary evaluation results of DigEmergo - a digital simulator prototype for disaster and emergency management training  (konferensbidrag) Jonas Rybing · Erik Prytz · Johan Hornwall · Carl-Oscar Jonson · Heléne Nilsson · Magnus Bång
19th World Congress on Disaster and Emergency Medicine (WCDEM 2015), Capetown; 05/2015

PHTLS and ATLS providers’ ability to perform triage by using the mnemonic ABCDE in a simulated major incidence (konferensbidrag) Maria Lampi · Heléne Nilsson · Tore Vikström · Carl-Oscar Jonson
19th World Congress on Disaster and Emergency Medicine (WCDEM 2015), Capetown; 05/2015

Identifying the Educational and Technical Needs of the Emergency Dispatch Service in Kosovo using Hierarchical Task Analysis  (konferensbidrag) Erik Prytz · Ruhije Hodza-Beganovic · Henrik Carlsson · Helene Nilsson · Carl-Oscar Jonson
19th World congress on disaster and emergency medicine; 04/2015

Triage performance of Swedish physicians using the ATLS algorithm in a simulated mass casualty incident: A prospective cross-sectional survey  Maria Lampi · Tore Vikström · Carl-Oscar Jonson 
Scandinavian Journal of Trauma Resuscitation and Emergency Medicine 12/2013; 21(1):90.

Simulation-assisted burn disaster planning 
Heléne Nilsson · Carl-Oscar Jonson · Tore Vikström · Eva Bengtsson · Johan Thorfinn · Fredrik Huss · Morten Kildal · Folke Sjöberg 
Burns: journal of the International Society for Burn Injuries 02/2013; 39(6).

Performance indicators for initial regional medical response to major incidents: a possible quality control tool 
Heléne Nilsson · Tore Vikström · Carl-Oscar Jonson
Scandinavian Journal of Trauma Resuscitation and Emergency Medicine 12/2012; 20(1):81. DOI:10.1186/1757-7241-20-81