Region Östergötland

Internationella medicinska programmet

The idea to establish International Medical Programme (IMP) was initiated in collaboration with the Swedish Migration Board (SMB) aiming to address the needs of populations affected by the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The programme activities are implemented and supported by International Organization for Migration (IOM).  

Between 1995-2004, IMP cooperated with the Refugee Medical Centre (RMC) of the County Council of Östergötland, Sweden. In 2005, IMP received the status of an independent unit within the Primary Health Care Services in Östergötland. In June 2007, IMP joined the Centre for Teaching and Research in Disaster Medicine, Linköping.

Today IMP´s manages and co-ordinates two sub programmes:
Varaktig vård (long lasting care) which provides support for the individuals with permanent residence permits (refugees, persons with subsidiary protection, persons under distressing circumstances) and compensate the costs of medical health care provision from the state to the County of Östergötland.

International Medical Cooperation which organizes and coordinates support to those countries affected by the crisis. Emerging care is oriented towards actions enhancing the Public Health Care Services, providing continuous training and education for local health care professionals while in parallel significantly contributing to improving the competence and skills of Swedish medical professionals in the County of Östergötland.