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Senior Instructor course - Simulation exercising in Disaster Medicine

Senior Instructor course - Simulation exercising in Disaster Medicine

One important part in disaster medicine is training of the ability to make accurate decisions.
Training of this requires educated instructors that can practice and evaluate performances of different categories of staff involved in the medical management of disasters and major incidents. These instructors should also be familiar in using simulations exercises based on real scenarios, with realistic resources, real capacity of different medical facilities and should be using real time when performing the training sessions.
One way of achieving this is by using the Emergo Train system® (ETS), a simulation system that can be designed to fit any scenario in any setting and has been used for training and simulation in disaster medicine in several countries the last decades.

An Emergo Train System Senior Instructor is the responsible for setting up the course objectives and ensuring they are adequately achieved. An ETS Senior Instructor has successfully completed the applicable courses at the international ETS Competence Centre in Sweden or one of the certified ETS Educator faculties in Finland, Australia, UK, Italy, Greece, The Netherlands, Japan, Korea, United Arab Emirates or New Zealand. There are (July 2021) over 2 400 certified ETS Senior instructors from over 40 countries. 


Aims and objectives:

After the course, the student should be able to plan, perform and evaluate a simulation exercise using the Emergo Train System®.

  All participants will have the opportunity to prepare and conduct training sessions with evaluation and criticism from an experienced faculty. Approval of the course results in a diploma.
Demands for approval: Individual performance in group-exercises evaluated by experienced faculty.
Number of participants: 16
Length of course: 3 days plus some evening-sessions.
Course management:

Course director Jenny Pettersson, ETS Educational Manager 
Tel: +46-10-103 0645       

Teacher Louise Ahlmström


Course coordinator Johan Hornwall, ETS Operational Manager
Tel: +46-10-103 7490

Course administration:

Tel: +46-10-103 3569

Course fee:

EUR 915

In the course fee is included 3 days of training, lunch and one course dinner.

The prices is exclusive of Swedish VAT (25%) which will be added on the invoice. Please note that this VAT is deductible in the native country!

We reserve the right to cancel a course depending on the development of the Covid19 pandemic and travel restrictions to and from Sweden and the EU.

We can provide information on hotel accomodation in different price ranges in Linköping. Please contact KMC for further information or visit this page with travel and accomodation information >>>

Course dates:

Course 1: January 25-27 2022

Course 2: March 29-31 2022

Course 3: September 6-8 2022


Last date sending in application:

Course 1: December 14 2021

Course 2: February 15 2022

Course 3: July 26, 2022

Apply to the course on-line or download our application form (Pdf 31kb).


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